First Blood

6 05 2011

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You’ll remember my attempt to grow some chillis from seed?

Well……… ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………… look at that picture?!

Actually I’m fibbing.  I only had one survivor from my initial 5 seeds, who as a result is now called Rambo.  There he is on the far right hand side.  And what a darling he is eh?  Thanks to David and Lucinda who looked after him whilst we were on holiday.

The other plants are also all chillis, however, I can’t claim I grew them myself.  These were grown by Lydia’s mum Maria.  I think they are fantastic.

From right to left the full set of chillis are:

1. Rambo

2. Czechoslovakian Black

3. Iranian Round

4. Pretty In Purple

5. Hungarian Wax

6. Lemon Drop

and on the edge of the picture…….

7. Kostadinova Striated

Any similarity between these and the names of the dragons in Harry Potter are purely coincidental.

P.S. I haven’t been back to my allotment since the opening…….. work and holidays have got in the way.  Looks like I’m working this weekend too……..  poo.